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Decontamination Directions:

1. Person sprayed should wipe off entire facial area, with one towelette. It is imperative to thoroughly wipe eyebrows, forehead, around eyes, cheeks, hands (entire contaminated area) allowing SUDECON'S foaming action to wash away the irritant spray particles

2. With eyes closed, using a second fresh towelette, squeeze towelette over the eyes allowing membranes to absorb the solution. (Squeeze towelette to extract solution). It is of the utmost importance to squeeze the towelette over the eyes while allowing the liquid to flow around the eyes. After doing so, lay towelette over face to soothe burning sensation.

Note: This product is not designed to be an eyewash.

You may wish to use one or two additional towelettes to help ease the burning sensation.

Remember, do not use water, it will only dilute the decontamination solution and prevent it from working properly.

In approximately ten to twelve minutes, the person sprayed should feel 85 to 95 percent recovered. (Due to the active ingredients in SUDECON, the skin will feel sticky, this is a normal condition).

NOTE: SUDECON towelettes are intended for field decontamination. Contaminated person should shower, at earliest convenience, in order to remove all spray particles from hair etc.

VERY IMPORTANT: Persons sprayed with an irritant spray have a tendency to panic. With the use of SUDECON, you must be patient, letting SUDECON do its job. In about eight to twelve minutes, SUDECON will work instantly!

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