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Alkaline Compounds

Alkaline Compounds

Chemical Treatment Guide 1: YELLOW

Most alkaline compounds are solids. Alkalis will impart a soapy texture to aqueous solutions.
Alkalis act as direct irritants and corrosive agents to moist membranes and to intact skin to a
lesser extent. The extent of tissue penetration and severity of injury is usually greater with alkalis
than with acids.

Low concentrations of airborne alkalis can produce rapid onset of eye, nose, and throat irritation.

Moderate to severe respiratory distress may be noted when exposed to higher concentrations. With ingestion monitor airway for psooible burns.

End-stage symptoms may resemble organophosphate poisoning. However, patients will have
normal or dilated pupils (patients will not have pinpoint pupils). These patients should not be
given atropine or 2-PAM.

• Lye (baseball field line chalk)
• Cement
• Some drain cleaners
• Sodium hydroxide

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