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Blood Alcohol Draw

Clinical Indications:

    Collection of a patient's blood for alcohol analysis. This procedure must be done by a Paramedic at the request and observed by a law enforcement officer.


    1. Utilize universal precautions as per OSHA.

    2. The law enforcement officer will remove the parts of the kit and hand them to the Paramedic as needed. Two (2) vials from the kit will be filled with blood. (The tube marked CONTROL will stay in the kit at all times. It will not be used for the collection of blood.

    3. Select appropriate blood-drawing devices.

    4. The Paramedic drawing the blood should use the pad provided in the kit to clean the site. The foil envolope that the swab came in should be placed back in the Biological Specimens box. The swab itslef may be disposed of after use.

    5. Draw appropriate tubes of blood for testing. When done doing blood draw, check glucose.

    6. Hand the vials back to the Law enforcement officer as they are filled.They should be rcoked gently at least ten (10) times by the officer. Do not shake vials vigorously.

    7. Dispose of all other equiptment appropriatly. They are not needed for evidence.

    8. The Paramedic that drew the blood must sign the Blood Collection Form section three (3)

    9. The EMS run report must be made and all information must be documented accurately. Patient refusal form and check list must be completed in full.

    10. The Law enforcment officer is responsible to complete steps 7-10 on the instruction form included in the kit.

Competency Based Skill Requirements:

    Maintain knowledge of the indications, contraindications, technique, and possible complications of the procedure. Assessment of this knowledge may be accomplished via quality assurance mechanisms, classroom demonstrations, skills stations, or other mechanisms as deemed appropriate by the local EMS System.

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